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Double-Cross Lit Law & Disorder August 23 through 25, 2019
Military – Historical Fiction – Crime Noir at a deep discount

Double-Cross Lit is at it again, bringing readers books that have clear-cut and mashed-up genres. The theme for August 2019 is Law & Disorder. The genres are military, historical fiction, and crime noir. This collection is only available this weekend, August 23-25, 2019, and then the event will fade away. Visit here, grab the books you want, and send your fellow book lovers this way. 

Authors, you’re invited to check out the upcoming themes and see if any of your stories fit into those genres. If so, you can register to be an author member. Readers are also invited to check out the selection and register to get alerted when events begin.

Ashlynn R. Waterstone

Author-in-training, Call Sign Wrecking Crew LLC

A little something for those who read this far. I have it on good authority that an author or two have more than one book on deep discount (outside of the event). If you’ve found these hidden gems add “Toot Sweet” or “Best Buddies” to the comment section below.  This is all on the honor system. The only prize is getting the discounted book(s) and the bonus of finding a bargain other people may have missed.

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