#NewRelease Extinction Shadow by Nicholas Sansbury Smith and Anthony J Melchiorri #PostApocalyptic

Extinction Shadow by Nicholas Sansbury Smith and Anthony J Melchiorri
Season 2 in the Extinction Cycle Universe

An author often takes his or her readers on a journey. The writing duo of Nicholas Sansbury Smith and Anthony J Melchiorri have found a way of extending that journey into the future. Extinction Shadow isn’t their first collaborative effort, but it is one that has a unique twist.

The Extinction Cycle series created by Nicholas Sansbury Smith consists of 7 novels. The stories run the gamut, from the beginning of a viral outbreak to the devastating consequences as seen through the eyes of Delta Force Operator Reed Beckham and those associated with him. Other authors have written in this story universe when Kindle Worlds was on Amazon. The program has since discontinued. Nicholas Sansbury Smith took the readers’ favorites and published them under his small press, Great Wave Ink. These side stories and side series now have new followers, thanks to Mr. Smith’s efforts. Today, August 13, 2019, Great Wave Ink, released Extinction Shadow, the first book in, what is being dubbed season 2, Extinction Cycle Dark Age series. 

If you enjoy post-apocalyptic stories with a medical twist and aren’t afraid of adult language or violence, then you should check out this book. If you are like me and love to watch events unfold in order, then grab the Extinction Cycle series too. Before reading, be prepared to have some sleepless nights and red puffy eyes. 

Personally, I’ve enjoyed reading the works by both authors. If you are new-to-them, I hope you will enjoy them as well.

Ashlynn R. Waterstone

Author-in-training Call Sign Wrecking Crew, LLC

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