Blog Tour: Everything going swimmingly ~ Jim Webster

The final part. Have you read this story from start to finish? AWESOME! Now you can check out the other stories by Jim Webster.

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Previous chapters in this tale can be found scattered across the blogosphere….

1) For want of a knight
​​2) The eyes have it
3) The miser and the demon
4) Just one more glass
5) Occasionally one has to do the right thing
6) Consummate artistry
7) Something fishy
8)The ethical choice
9) Delicate work
10) A cup of Wine, a Loaf of Bread — and Thou?
11) An Appropriate Boy
12) Embarrassing​​

Everything going swimmingly

Mutt had barely reached the Ropewalk before he met Nail and Tolsin. Nail was tall for his age, lanky and could run faster than anybody else Mutt could afford. Tolsin was short, even for an eight year old and was still chubby in spite of living on the streets. Mutt regarded him as an apprentice. He could see the boy’s potential but realised he had a lot of learning to do if…

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7 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Everything going swimmingly ~ Jim Webster

      1. Well if anybody wants to learn more of Benor, Mutt, Tallis and the others, there are novels and novellas aplenty at 🙂

        Benor is in Port Naain in the novellas of the ‘Port Naain Intelligencer’ collection which can be read in any order, and there you’ll find Tallis, Mutt and all your acquaintances
        The novellas which start ‘Tallis Steelyard …’ are all narrated by Tallis, and Benor appears occasionally, Mutt appears rather more often. Then the novels are of Benor as an older man long after he’d moved on and headed back to Toelar and the cities of his youth 🙂

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