Fifth and Final Season of #WATWB

It’s the final We Are The World Blogfest aka #WATWB weekend.

It’s been an honor and a privilege to work behind the scenes and provide positive, uplifting stories alongside bloggers from around the world for the last five years.

On a more personal note, since this time last year, I have literally and figuratively moved from where I was. I would like you all to know that as a human being I’ve been made all the better by my constant intake of positivity and being associated with fellow Earth dwellers who believe in what it can do. It’s gotten me through the twists and turns of life.

Because of the positive impact that it is having overall, I plan to keep the Facebook public page going for as long as possible sharing positive memes and stories that I hope will resonate. I hope you and others will stop by as often as you can to see what’s being shared.

While there will no longer be a WATWB weekend, I know several of the bloggers will continue to share positivity with those around them. That’s joyful news indeed.

Wishing everyone a positively wonderful one,

Ashlynn Waterstone

Author-in-Training at Call Sign Wrecking Crew, LLC


8 thoughts on “Fifth and Final Season of #WATWB

    1. I was happy to do it, Belinda. I have been enriched by positivity because that’s what I brought into my feed so that I could share positive memes and so forth on the FB page. It’s a wonderful circle and replenishes my cup so that I can fill up others. Virtual hugs to you and yours.

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  1. Ashlynn, thank you so much for keeping the vitality of #WATWB on Facebook and in the stories you have shared through blogging. You have been a crucial part of a thoughtful, engaging and positive group of bloggers. I have to add to the community FB page as I run across positive stories from around the world.

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  2. Thank you Ashlynn for all who you are and do. I’ve been amazed at your unflagging behind the scenes efforts and more recently while moving. Which I hope is altogether wonderful for you. I’m glad you’re going to keep a monthly pinned post (probably) – we truly need uplifting stories. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Susan, for all your contributions, as well. The move went well, things are slowly settling down and somewhat of a routine is developing. I’ll definitely figure out how I want to do that pinned post. I agree we need uplifting stories.

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  3. Hi Ashlynne – it’s great to know you’re continuing the FB link for #WATWB … I don’t do FB … but enjoy the blog aspect … and yes I will be continuing – thanks for co-ordinating behind the scenes … I’ll make a plan to check in on everyone who’s been posting … many thanks – cheers Hilary

    My latest is quite long, but pertinent for today …

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