A Smile Can Make A Difference #MakeADifference #Smile #WATWB

Michael Ray, founder of Smile Project Louisville.
Michael Ray of Smile Project Louisville

If someone tells you that one smile to a stranger can’t have a lasting effect, you can share this post with them. Here’s why:

Michael Ray founded Smile Project Louisville because of an experience that happened to him, it began as a simple smile. This article written by Bowman Digital Media gives you a hint of the origin story, what is currently going on, and how you can help.

I hope after you’ve read his story and what he’s doing to make a difference, you’ll find a way of supporting his mission and bringing more smiles to faces around these United States of America. I follow Michael’s Facebook page and I think I saw that he is working with people in other countries to make a difference there as well.

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My father used to say, “Smile! Make the world wonder what you’ve been up to.” However, I say, “Smile! Make the world a better place.”

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