A Way to Support Authors #AuthorsHelpingAuthors #AllAuthor #CoverArt

Whether you are an aspiring author, published author, or an everyday reader, you can support authors in a variety of ways without spending money (unless of course you like what you see and have to make a purchase). One way is by visiting All Author’s monthly cover art contest. https://allauthor.com/cover-of-the-month/

The first week is when all the book covers are introduced, you get to scroll through and pick which ones appeal to you up to 24. The next weeks you get a new vote until the maximum number is reached for that week.

For June 2020, the cover art contest includes “Helpful Household Hints for the Harried Human” by Lynn Hallbrooks. If you’d like to help me support Lynn and her book, you can vote directly here: https://allauthor.com/cover-of-the-month/8183


I hope you enjoy your stroll through book covers and helping out authors.

Ashlynn R. Waterstone

Author-in-training Call Sign Wrecking Crew, LLC

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