New Release! If You Find Emory Walden [Mystery / Suspense fiction]

Life takes twists and turns but with persistence we can make our goals reality. Please help me share this story with others.

James Wallace Birch

It has been almost a decade since I published Discontents: The Disappearance of a Young Radical. You have waited and waited. And finally that waiting has paid off. I’m thrilled to announce that my new novel, If You Find Emory Walden, is now available for pre-order. It will be released April 10.

Order your copy of If You Find Emory Walden now and get it as soon as it’s available!

Right now, the book can be pre-ordered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble., IndieBound, and Book Depository.

IfYouFindEmoryWalden bookcoverSo what’s If You Find Emory Walden all about?

Check the synopsis:

Eight years ago, James’ friend Emory disappeared, leaving behind his memoirs and the promise of a hidden cache of $3 million. James published the memoir and became a famous professor. But his obsession with Emory’s disappearance destroyed his personal life. He never went to find the money.

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