Monsters and Madmen in time for #Halloween – #DoubleCrossLit #SciFi #Horror #eBooks

I’m not sure how many countries celebrate Halloween. I do know it’s pretty big here in these United States of America (USA) with candy figuring prominently in the mix. Since many of us, don’t need those sugar carbs, Double-Cross Lit is celebrating by sharing discounted books. This month’s theme, Monster and Madmen, showcases science fiction and horror genres.

If these are among your favorites then stop by and check out what’s available. The Double-Cross Lit membership welcomes everyone to share this limited time offer as far and wide as you can. How long do you have? Between now, October 18, 2019, through the end of October 20, 2019, USA time.

Ashlynn R. Waterstone

Author-in-training Call Sign Wrecking Crew, LLC

Copyright © 2019 – All rights reserved.

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