Importance of Book Reviews

john d ottini facebook image for book reviews
Borrowed from John D. Ottini’s Facebook article

I met John D. Ottini through Renee Pawlish’s mystery and thriller promotions. I have been following his Facebook page for a while. Today, I saw this and thought I would share his word here. – – You may have to scroll to find the post but it will be worth the effort if you want to learn the importance of reviews for authors.

After following several authors over time, I’ve noticed that it really is important for readers to write up a review. The one key ingredient is to keep from giving too much away while giving a brief overview of the story. If you are afraid you might give things away, then simply say how the story made you feel. Such as I felt like I should have read this with the lights on. Alternately, I loved the characters. The author made me feel as though they are real. Anything that stuck out to you and made you want to share this particular story with others.

In case you are wondering, Amazon is not the only place you can put reviews. You can share your thoughts on other platforms such as Barnes & Noble. It all depends on where you purchased the book. There are other alternatives like BookBub – if the author is there. There you can click on tags or say a few simple words. Whatever way that makes you feel comfortable enough sharing. Word of mouth works if for some reason you are unable to type out a review.

One day, when I finish my novel, I hope that you enjoy it so much that you’ll share it with others. Meantime, help authors when you can…especially independent authors and I’ll keep writing.

Ashlynn Waterstone

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